Like to know more about additive manufacturing? Find out during our masterclass!

Now that it is clear that additive manufacturing (AM) has potential for high quality production, it is important that companies become familiarised so that they can start successfully deploying it. It is vital that the design is adapted to the technology. During the 'Design for Additive Manufacturing' masterclass on 19 and 20 May and also 11 June, Sirris is offering to share with you the knowledge and understanding needed for designing components specifically for AM. Participation would result in you fully benefiting from the advantages it offers.

AM has been deployed for some considerable time now for building prototypes, although there are increasing applications for functional components. In order to apply AM successfully it is crucial that you already have the necessary knowledge of the various technologies in-house. This masterclass will give you a unique understanding of both the potential and the limitations of additive manufacturing as a production technology.

How can you get started?

  • We go through the entire design process and we decide at each step what knowledge you require for the successful implementation of AM.
  • We go into detail with more than ten different AM technologies, including all the advantages and disadvantages.
  • We also take a look at the broader framework into which AM fits and explain a series of practical design rules, design tools and other handy tips.

Your own proof-of-concept

  • During the masterclass we will work on case studies that have been brought along by the participants from their own company or working situations.
  • We will then redesign the case study or components thereof, for production using AM.
  • The new design is produced in PA on the Sirris machines as proof-of-concept (included in the price).

This masterclass offers you a comprehensive and detailed picture of AM technologies, including the opportunities, as well as the limitations. With better understanding of the various AM technologies available you'll be able to make a more realistic and objective comparison between AM and the traditional production methods. You'll be able to see case by case, which production methods suit your situation best. 

Would you like to participate? You can find the programme, registration form and other practical information here !