More than 100 million patent documents in Espacenet

In 2018 Espacenet - a free service for searching more than 100 million patent documents worldwide - will have expanded features. 

Espacenet is the largest free search tool for patents in the world. In 2017, its database exceeded 100 million searchable patent documents. That is five times more than when it was created less than 20 years ago.  

In 2018, a new interface will be launched for even better searching and improved user guidance. A simple search window will enable fast verification of the effectiveness of the selected keywords and then requests can be refined with search equations and in selected fields. The number of filtering options will be increased. New viewing features will help validate the search.  

Presentation of the results will also be improved, for more legibility, along with export options.
The display quality will adapt automatically to the screen size being used.  

While Espacenet already allows integral text searches in DE, FR, EN, other languages will soon be provided. All texts will be searchable using English keywords.
In the longer term, Espacenet plans to include chemical structure searches and semantic searches. 

Espacenet is increasingly rich in features and data and merits being widely used. However, the tool is not an expert. In some cases, it is better to make use of the Sirris specialists who are experienced in searching for patent information.


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