New project about next-shoring supports the plastics industry

Can I increase flexibility and shorten lead times between the design phase and batch production? How can I integrate material and technological innovations into my applications? In finding answers to such questions and also the future challenges in the plastics industry, Sirris and Agoria have put their weight behind a new project about next-shoring.

With the new project about 'next-shoring, Sirris and Agoria join hands in order to help anchor the Flemish plastics industry (i.e. production taking place near the customer where the demand arises).

The scope of the project:

  • Cooperation between plastics manufacturers and OEMs, or stimulating customers
  • Sharing experiences and best practices
  • Offering access to technical support

The focus is on working out innovative solutions for customers, or production challenges. Each phase is gone through in small groups deploying a combination of collective knowledge building (training, demonstrations, teaching networks, etc.) and specific application development.


Plastics manufacturers today face enormous challenges in business and technology. On the one hand the product life-cycles are becoming shorter, series are getting smaller and individualisation and customisation are gaining importance. Short lead times are playing an increasingly significant role. In order to continue innovating it is vitally important that the manufacturer, the customer and the capacity for innovation are all in the same vicinity. Moreover, flexible automation is essential for raising responsiveness and productivity, as well as offering new technologies such as 3D printing facilities so that the prototype stages of a new product can be implemented as efficiently and flexibly as possible.

On the one hand, many new materials, additives and processes have been developed in the plastics industry over the last few years, including surface treatments, microminiaturization, reduced process degradation, lower melting/fusing temperatures, etc. Various studies have thrown light on the many possibilities. It’s just that the adoption and conversion of this knowledge in real applications trails behind. For OEMs and plastics manufacturers it is difficult to set aside the time and the resources in order to demonstrate and validate it in their applications (or those of their customers).


Are you interested in this project proposal for your own company? Then why not join the workshop without obligation on Thursday 22 October 2015 at Sirris in Heverlee (Dutch is the working language).

Why hesitate? Come and join the project! Ten companies have already signed up so that they can share their future challenges with you, as well as defining the topics more specifically and collaborating together.

Contact Agoria, Jan Geeraert,, tel. +32 491 345 357