Ordinary plastic becomes smart material

How can you, as a plastics converter, distinguish yourself from other converters? One possibility is to make your products smart by providing them with extra functionalities. The advantages are numerous, the modification possibilities are almost endless, and we will show you that in detail during the workshop “Plastics: Smart Interconnected, the way to go forward”.

Recent evolutions in ICT technology and materials technology, such as RFID, sensors, self-cleaning surfaces and memory materials make it possible to create intelligent products from plastic. All of this will be addressed in detail at the workshop, “Plastics: Smart Interconnected, the way to go forward”, which Sirris is organising in collaboration with Agoria on 16 February 2016.

During the workshop, among other things, the requirements for smart products in the plastics sector will be presented, and numerous possibilities and examples will be cited.

One example of the application of smart plastics or plastronics are smart cast structures, also developed in the SMALL Lab in cooperation with the plastics industry. In such structures the electronics are embedded in light, thin, mass-produced 3D plastics. In this way the company obtains cost-effective objects for highly scalable manufacturing processes.

The technology can be used in printed circuits, antennas and touch controls and in electronic components, directly in the structure of 3D injection moulded plastics. For example, an automotive designer can create smooth armrests with LED lighting and seamless touch controls, innovative dashboard lighting, … A developer of wearables can embed haptic actuators, sensors and antennas at various locations to provide the user with various types of information.

You can discover more examples, each with its specific characteristics and benefits, during the workshop. The companies Quad Industries and Covestro will also present their own cases.

You will find all the practical information and the opportunity to register in our agenda.