Our SaaS info sessions: indispensable for future-oriented developers

An increasing number of software developers are using the full potential of Software as a Service, or Saas. We will be pleased to help you out with practice-oriented info sessions in the autumn. In order to find out how we can best support you, we launched a poll last month. The most popular topics will definitely be presented. 

More and more companies are looking for affordable software which they can use everywhere. And the IT world is working on just that. According to IDC, one of the largest market research companies in the world, no less than 90% of the new software is developed with data storage in the cloud and Saas in the back of the mind. 

We help you get started

Do you also want to offer software as a service? We will be glad to help you roll out or switch to a SaaS model. We have gained quite some expertise in the past couple of years during R&D projects in this area. 

Besides, we are organising some info sessions in the autumn, where we want to answer as many practical SaaS questions as possible. Every session deals with one topic, with demo applications and concrete examples. 

What will we be discussing for sure? 

In order to make sure to raise the right topics during the sessions, we are holding an online poll. Many companies have taken part so far. Currently, the most popular topics are:

  • measuring the software use
  • the possible front-ends (mobile, responsive or native)
  • the best payment model

These topics will certainly be discussed during our info sessions. Other possible topics include: 

  • A practical introduction: how is SaaS different from a traditional software business?
  • SaaS-security in practice
  • The basics of the DevOps development method
  • Docker (development software) for SaaS companies
  • An introduction to Amazon Web Services, the largest cloud service platform in the world


What do you want to know about SaaS
Let us know by participating in our poll. It will only take five minutes. Thank you for your input! 

Click here to take part: http://surveyanyplace.com/s/saasctosessions 

More practical info about our info sessions will be released after 15 August. Keep an eye on our online agenda.