Hilde Krikor
Eric Beeckman

Can I increase flexibility and shorten lead times between the design phase and batch production? How can I integrate material and technological innovations into my applications? In finding answers to such questions and also the future challenges in the plastics industry, Sirris and Agoria have put their weight behind a new project about next-shoring.

Hilde Krikor

By including insecticides in the manufacture of plastics, products can be made that offer a solution to the threatening effects of climate change.

Hilde Krikor
Denis Vandormael

Change2Micro wants to stimulate microprocessing of plastics in Flanders. Therefore, the project partners are organizing a seminar on November 13 to link the plastics processing industry to the member companies of FlandersBio and DSP Valley.

Bas Rottier

Discover all the possibilities for making your plastic products thermally or electrically conductive at the Flanders' PlasticVision market day.

Hilde Krikor

Change2Micro wants to stimulate micro processing of plastics in Flanders. Do you have an idea or concept related to micro processing of plastics? Thanks to this project, you can turn it into reality. What’s more, you can win a boot camp on top!

Fabienne Windels

An exhibition reviving the creative climate of the Golden Sixties.

Patrick Cosemans

There are many possibilities for decorating plastics and new ideas are coming thick and fast. On 18 November, Flanders' PlasticVision together with Sirris and the Kunststoff Institut Lüdenscheid are giving an afternoon workshop within the framework of the 'Metalliseren van kunststoffen' feasibility study that goes into the various aspects of decorating plastics.