Hilde Krikor
Olivier Gramaccia

Every year in May, the elite of the Belgian life sciences community attends flanders.bio’s annual Knowledge for Growth business conference in Ghent, attracting decision makers from biotech, pharma and medtech, agricultural and chemical industry as well as investors, universities, top-notch research institutes, policymakers and competence providers. Sirris will be there too: join us on 18 and 19 May 2022!

Hilde Krikor
Olivier Gramaccia

Anno 2022, great interest goes to neurotechnology and neuroscience. In both industry and academia, new applications are being discovered each day. NeuroTech Leuven’s MINDSEED on 27 April aims to educate non-experts on state-of-the art neurotechnology and neuroscience and connect its experts. Sirris will be there too!

Carl Emmerechts

Printing technologies become, in manufacturing electronic components, an innovative method to produce a large range of devices including lighting, medical devices, batteries, solar cells, sensors, RFID antennas, … In comparison with classical technologies based on photolithography and subtractive techniques inherently wasteful and including etching, and the use of toxic chemicals and hazardous materials, these new technologies are fully additive.

Pascal Pollet

Until recently, the world record for developing a vaccine was the mumps vaccine, which was developed in four years. We now know that it can be done much faster. In mid-January 2020, BioNtech launched the 'Lightspeed' project. This project resulted in the first corona vaccine receiving approval in early December 2020. How did this happen and what can companies in the industry learn from it?

Gunthram Cornelis

“A time of crisis is the perfect moment to take a good look at your business, products and processes,” says Bart Maeyens, General Manager at Modular Lighting Instruments in Roeselare. He is enthusiastic about his experiences with the Crisis Code Cracker. Sirris uses the 3-step action plan to help businesses in the technology sector to emerge from the crisis even stronger. “It was a very positive experience that saved us a lot of time and brought us new ideas. I would recommend it to any company.”

Pieter Beyl
Bas Rottier

Sirris recently published the WatSlim project, an e-book guide about smart connected products. This guide is an answer to questions and needs faced by product builders during the development of these products.

Manie Conradie

In Industry 4.0, design and manufacturing are closely linked. This is the starting point for the merger of the Prototyping Xpo and MNE trade fairs into a single fair for the entire value chain, from innovative design in small volumes to the production and marketing of series. Prototyping-MNE, in which Sirris also participates, will take place on 5 and 6 February in Kortrijk.

Eric Beeckman

On 23 October Sirris will open its brand-new ‘Product Development Hub’ at its site in Liège. Come and see our high-tech infrastructure and find out what our new hub can do for you!With this unique technological meeting point, which consists of six collaborative labs, we want to help companies even better and guide them in the design of light, miniaturised and smart products, so that they quickly have proof-of-concept and prototypes ready for industrialization.The advanced infrastructure of the hub includes ultrasonic injection moulding, next-gen process monitoring systems for injection

Fabienne Windels

Sirris is active in the development of new products for companies and startups.

Stijn Lambrechts

Prototyping has become a quite well-known professional event among the people working in product development, prototyping and small-scale production. Another quite extensive programme will be presented on 8 and 9 November by the organiser Kortrijk Xpo, in cooperation with Howest - Industrial Design Center. Sirris will also participate with two presentations.