From programming to imitating: this is the spray robot of the future

Applying coatings is increasingly becoming a task for robots. Nowadays automatic coating processes are being used mainly in mass production, because programming spray arms is a very time consuming operation. But a revolutionary, new technology is paving the way for small production series and single items. The robot imitates human movements perfectly.

Because traditional robot lines are simply not cost-effective for small production series, ABB decided to develop Simplified Robot Programming (SRP). The technology reduces the programming time from hours to minutes. The ‘teach by demonstration’ principle is very simple: the robot records human movements with a dummy pistol using motion tracking. The arm then very accurately copies the movements.

Traditional and ultramodern

In addition to saving time, Simplified Robot Programming also has other distinct advantages. Operators with no experience can easily use the robot programme as well. Moreover, there is no other system able to imitate human wrist and arm movements so smoothly. In other words: SRP combines traditional skills with ultramodern technology.

This new method also demonstrates high levels of flexibility. The ABB RobView software package displays an automatically generated code. This can be modified if necessary for fine-tuning the speed, direction and accuracy of the robot.


Event: live on the coated side of life

Come along on Tuesday 12 April for the inauguration of the latest Sirris Smart Coating Application Laboratory at Diepenbeek. You will see the teach-by-demonstration robot working live, and you can also find out about all the different aspects of smart coating. The US start-up SLIPS Technologies will also be there to talk about their pioneering coating system.

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