Revelation in mass customisation of 3D printed metal parts

3D printing is certainly on the up, also in the metal industry. Although the technology was initially only suitable for small production series, it has gradually become a valuable mass production process. Hyproline could be another step in this direction.

Simultaneous custom production

Hyproline came about as a result of a 3D printing initiative from the EU in 2012. A plan was conceived along with a number of industrial partners to develop a high performance production line that would be suitable for small production series of metal parts. This eventually resulted in an automated assembly line that could produce a large number of customised metal elements simultaneously and at high speed.

Pioneering 3D printing technology

Today Hyproline is one of the most advanced 3D metal printing technologies. The system solves two problems that normally arise: quality control and series production. Such a system is going to make all the difference in scores of industries.

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