Nick Boucart

Today is all about digital transformation, serving customers through apps and websites, or capturing all kinds of data through sensors and doing great things with it. All that information and the success stories obviously make people dream about how that would work in their own context.


Frank Van den Broek

A recent patent application reveals a new authentication solution in the fight against materials counterfeiting, one that combines hyperspectral imaging with machine learning.

Mathias Verbeke

On 22 June, Sirris, Flanders Make and imec organise a webinar on how AI can enhance smart maintenance and Prognostic Health Management for industrial assets.

Henri Appeldoorn
François Rosoux

What is the influence of indoor air quality in the working environment on the performance and health of employees? Can this quality be improved in the fight against, for example, COVID-19 and for a safer and more productive working environment? We did our own research at our own premises and came up with some interesting findings.

Pieter Beyl

Adding sensors, intelligence, connectivity and cloud applications to your product: easier said than done if you are less familiar with all those digital technologies. To avoid the pitfalls that lead to extra costs, delays and wrong technology choices, it is best to gain the necessary insights from the start to steer your development in the right direction. Join our group coaching session 'How to build your smart product'!

Tania Drissen

Are you an SME and do you develop innovative solutions for the food industry? If that is the case, you may be eligible for financial support from the S3Food project for innovative projects in relation to smart sensor systems.

Pieter Beyl

Haelvoet is a producer of furniture for care institutions. With a smart and connected bed, this company wants to improve the safety and comfort of patients and improve the care efficiency. Their innovation was recently presented to the general public. How did Haelvoet handle the development?

Tom Jacobs

Schunk showed off their new range of smart tool holders at the EMO trade fair held recently in Hanover.

Buvana Lefevre

With the SensInFood project, Sirris along with Flanders' FOOD has embarked on a journey to understand the sensor needs in the food industry. We are exploring novel techniques and advanced sensing technologies, such as hyperspectral imaging (HSI), to improve efficiency, quality and safety in the food industry. .