Sirris and Agoria cater to foundries and their customers

Foundry products remain an important basis for many end products. The technology behind is not idle and is constantly gaining new impetus. Sirris and Agoria continue their support for the foundry industry and its customers through different initiatives. Which ones? You’ll get to know that at the event 'Casting provides the route to tomorrow’s products' on March 30th!

Casting has evolved from a traditional production technique into a part of the high-tech structure that characterizes the manufacturing industry today. However, further research and investment remain necessary. Sirris and Agoria have launched a number of initiatives, including the installation of two new furnaces at the Zwijnaarde site. The inauguration on March 30th will not only be focussing on new furnaces and surrounding services, but will also give more information about all initiatives for the foundry sector and manufacturing industry. The program will include a panel discussion and lectures by national and international speakers.

Are you a producer or customer of foundry castings? Then you definitely cannot miss this event!

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