Sirris to set up a network for Flemish digital scale-ups

Flanders will invest no less than 100 million euros in the next 4 years to boost new entrepreneurs. 11 partners, including Sirris, will contribute to this ambitious process. Besides enhancing the image, it intends to give practical help and advice in each step of the entrepreneurial process. Sirris focuses on young and innovative digital players who are ready for accelerated growth.

Under the motto ‘together for more entrepreneurship’ the Flemish Agency for Innovation & Entrepreneurship launches an ambitious four-year project. The figures say it all: starters levels in Flanders are below average compared to other European countries.

The selected projects aim to boost the image of self-employed businesses and offer tailored support to (pre)starters. Coaching of start-ups during their metamorphosis into successful international growth companies is also an item on the agenda. The so-called scale-ups have indeed the largest innovative power and are major sources of extra employment.

Focus on scale-ups

Together with ten other partners, including Voka, Unizo, Flanders DC, EY and Confederatie Bouw, Sirris was chosen to help support this ambitious government initiative. Our attention goes specifically to innovative digital companies past the start-up phase, which are at the eve of an international breakthrough.

As opposed to start-ups these players have already found a functional business model. However, if these scale-ups want to go through an accelerated growth phase and become international players, they are faced with lots of new challenges. They have to find ways to organise their organisation and technology in a way that their business is able to cope with the growth.

Omar Mohout, expert Software Engineering & ICT :

“There is a need for specific support for ambitious digital companies which are in the middle of a growth spurt. Growth in the software industry requires a different approach because it is different from the 'non-digital’ sectors. They face a double challenge, achieving external and internal growth simultaneously.”  

Learning network

In order to explore this growth potential and make it through without too many growing pains specialised support is not a luxury. That is why Sirris will, in cooperation with Agoria, launch a network for scale-ups spearheaded by peer-to-peer support.

Besides group learning, maximum individual support will also be provided. Experts and the participating companies will outline scale-up processes and assist in their implementation. Players who have already had their growth spurt will also be actively involved in the learning network, to ensure that their experience and know-how can flow back to the scale-ups. 


From start-up to scale-up: where to start?  
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