Sirris tests washability and scrub abrasion of your coatings

The Sirris Coating Lab has recently purchased a TQC Scrub Abrasion and Washability Tester to perform scrub abrasion and washability tests on coated materials.

The washability of a coating and the ability to withstand cleaning processes can be easily tested to assess the comparative resistance of coatings to wear and damage in normal service.

These tests allow coatings to be evaluated in repeatable and accelerated conditions so that coatings can be formulated and approved for best performance in the service conditions that are to be expected for the coating. The tester can be used in pass/fail tests, with a specified number of strokes or a minimum number of strokes at which the coating will fail when checked on a regular basis.

The washability test will be used to evaluate chemical resistance, scrub abrasion resistance, stain resistance and cleanability of easy to clean coatings or anti-graffiti coatings.

Several abrasive tools, brushes and sponges are described in ISO and ASTM standards:

ASTM D4213

Standard Test Method for Scrub Resistance of Paints by Abrasion Weight Loss

ASTM D4828 – 94

Practical Washability of Organic Coatings: ease of removal of common soil and stains from interior coatings

ASTM D2486

Standard Test Methods for Scrub Resistance of Wall Paints

ASTM D5402

Solvent resistance or chemical resistance testing

ASTM D6578

Anti-graffiti testing

ISO 11998

Wet scrub resistance and cleanability of coatings


More info on the equipment can be found in the following film:


Washability of canvas tested

Recently, the test has been used by Sirris to evaluate the chemical resistance of a dirt repellent coating on PVC fabric for the company Veldeman nv, specialised in fabric structures. To be able to advise its customers on the use of cleaning products, Veldeman wanted to evaluate the aggressive action of four different detergents.

Sirris advised the use of a washability tester. The Veldeman fabric was subjected to 200 wet abrasive scrub cycles using a saturated abrasive pad (3M Scotch Brite). After drying, the dirt repellency of the coatings are checked by contact angle measurements, showing similar values as the reference material. Microscopic evaluation of the samples showed no degradation or etching of the coating.

Sirris concluded that all four evaluated detergents pass the washability test and are regarded as safe to use on the Veldeman fabric.

In future projects, the device will be used to evaluate the wet abrasion resistance of hydrophobic impregnations on stone and concrete and to test the durability of stain resistant textile impregnations.

Would you like to explore the possibilities of the washability tester? The device will be on display during our 'open lab day' on 30 November.

(Source picture above: TQC)