What we remember from the Hannover Messe 2016

This year, the Hannover Messe, which is the world's largest industrial trade fair, was completely dominated by Industry 4.0. Sirris was also present. We’ve picked out the most important trends and innovations for you.

Industry 4.0 is an industrial future in which machines, products, factories, systems, etc., communicate and exchange data via, amongst other means, the Internet. The insights arising from this may lead to new value creation and innovative business models.

The term has quickly become a buzzword in many sectors. So it’s hardly surprising that Industry 4.0 was the linking theme of the Hanover Messe this year. Various top technology companies presented some interesting and innovative applications. Time for an overview.

Seen at the trade fair

  • Solutions from Siemens for digitising the entire product and production life cycle in the automotive industry. They permit a shorter time-to-market and more flexible and efficient production. 
  • Technology from, amongst others, Beckhoff, a company specializing in automation that allows production processes to be integrated with MES systems (information systems for monitoring and controlling these processes). The result is a production line whose components are very flexible and easy to integrate into new architectures. 
  • A presentation of the intelligent SEW Eurodrive Factory, which puts the principles of Industry 4.0 into practice. The factory consists of individual workstations connected by Cyber Physical Systems (networks of computers and physical objects). 
  • Franka Emika: a light 7-axis robotic arm for efficient cooperation between humans and robots. This “cobot” is easy to program, flexible, extremely sensitive and much cheaper than other models on the market.

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