A white paper on precision components will shortly be available

To compete successfully at a global level, you need a combination of some unique advantages and need to know how to stand out. Precision Manufacturing gives you this potential. But it also involves some challenges in terms of machinery, control and tools. In six white papers we identified six areas where a company can make a difference. The first white paper, concerning precision components, will soon be downloadable!

A broad survey of the Belgian industry carried out by Sirris, OEM and Tier 1 and Tier 2 contractors identified six areas with opportunities to excel in precision manufacturing. The first domain, which we deal with in detail in the first white paper, is the creation of functional prototype precision components within a short turnaround time.

After all, prototype precision components often require the same operations used to produce a large series. This involves the high costs and long lead times often needed to make tools specially for the prototype. Generic, state-of-the-art precision machining technologies using commercially available tools have shown that lead times can be shortened by 80 percent (from months to days) with a precision equivalent to that which can be achieved by grinding.

Want to read more about producing prototype precision components in very short times? Download our first white paper on precision production!

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