Will you soon be following Philips Lighting?

A lot has been said and written about the circular economy although in practice it still tends to be neglected. As a technology company, what could it do for you? Sirris and Agoria have taken up the challenge to demonstrate to you the practicalities involved, as well as offering support for the initial steps.

Companies such as Philips Lighting, Barco and AW Europe have already taken substantial steps towards adopting the circular economy in their areas of operation. They are focusing on 'Light as a Service', upgrading products in the field and re-manufacturing discarded products.

We can provide the necessary support for companies wanting to become better acquainted with the circular economy and eventually adopting the concept. Together with Agoria, Sirris is offering a comprehensive range of services and products to make the leap to the circular economy that are tailored to your specific requirements. We help you to identify specific actions and to take the right steps to get started. 

The focus is on innovation within three domains: product, factory (of the future) and business. Sirris supports companies in these three areas, applying additional expertise where necessary so that innovation acts as leverage in the product design, business model and the production processes creating stepping stones towards a more circular model. 

In order to raise awareness and provide information - via blogs, events, training courses, webinars, etc. - we work closely with Agoria.

The Circular Economy Connect learning network is also an initiative we established together to exchange experiences and ideas with likeminded companies. Agoria takes up all your questions related to regulations and lobbying.  

Finding solutions together

What kind of issues can you raise with us? Our support is designed to provide answers on questions, such as:

  • What is the circular economy about?
  • Would it benefit my company?  What is involved in taking part?
  • Where are the possible business cases relavant for my company?
  • How can I earn money from products with longer lifespan?
  • Where can my company find the right partners? 
  • Could the role played by data innovation and the ‘Internet of Things’ act as leverage for my product or service?
  • What specific steps should be taken to get started?
  • How does my company manage the risks? 

Our strategy


The strategy initially identifies small, structural steps that take you towards the desired future. We keep the appropriate changes flexible without losing sight of the future aims. Moreover, we monitor and strengthen the commitment from employees and other stakeholders. Our strategy allows you to discover step by step what added value can be achieved and ultimately leads to specific actions to capture those values.  

Are you already experimenting with circular business strategies, or would you simply like to get started? Please tell us!

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(Source picture above: Barco)