Wind turbines that always generate, no matter how cold it is

Wind turbines can generate electricity even in the most extreme winter weather. At least if they are made resilient enough. Designers of motors and turbines can all rely on our extensive expertise to allow electricity generation even in extreme climates.

There are two ways to design turbines that will be exposed to low temperatures. You either build the components and systems on the basis of field specifications, or you subject them to a series of thorough tests. The latter method is often faster and cheaper.

Extended support

With either method, you can count on our specialised support so you can be sure that your wind turbines will maximize output in any weather.

We will guide you in determining the thermal behaviour of the components, both separately and in combination. We do this using, for example, CFD software (Computational Fluid Dynamics), which simulates the behaviour of liquids and gasses.

What’s more, we can extensively test your structures in our OWI-Lab climate chamber, no matter how large they are, down to -60°C.

Finally, we analyse historic climate data for you. In this, we look at how often weather events occur that affect the starting and stopping of the machines. In this way, we can calculate the impact of weather on the operating costs.

Like to know more?

How much can you save if the motors and turbines are optimally resistant to extreme cold? We provide a sample calculation for wind turbines. You can read it all in our extensive Techniline article.