Casting technology

For decades, Sirris has been renowned for its extensive knowledge and expertise in casting techniques, processes, materials, applications and standards.

We have built up expertise in sand casting, horizontal casting, lost-foam casting, lost-wax casting, high-pressure casting, low-pressure casting, coquille casting and nodulisation and inoculation. We also know a great deal about preparing sand for moulds, heat-treating and forming castings.

We can offer foundries and all those who use castings – such as mechanical engineers, designers, manufacturers and suppliers – advice and technical support with:

  • optimising casting processes;
  • characterising and testing products;
  • carrying out casting tests;
  • product development for castings, including first-time-right development involving redesigning welded structures into cast products;
  • choosing alloys and developing new cast alloys, including for castings with thin walls;
  • casting simulations;
  • environmental considerations and standards.

We provide these services using our state-of-the-art facilities:

Our pilot foundry, which can provide support with developing alloys, developing and controlling processes, prototyping, optimising casting processes, approving casting simulations and developing materials and casting techniques. It is equipped with two furnaces: one 300 kg furnace and one 80 kg furnace.

We have a state-of-the-art measuring and testing lab, where we can perform metallographic, chemical and mechanical characterisation and damage tests. As well as conducting structural tests (microscopic examination, non-destructive tests), our experts can determine the chemical composition and mechanical properties. In fact, the lab is BELAC-accredited for this latter type of measurement. We carry out these tests using the latest equipment, such as optical emission spectroscopes (GDOES, OES), X-ray devices and optical and electron microscopes.