The COBOFIN group of companies visits Cibo

It was possible this time for the second guidance group meeting in the COBOFIN project to take place physically and this was combined with a visit and demonstration at Cibo Robotics.

The first part of the meeting involved reporting on the status of the Coock-COBOFIN project. The business cases of the participating companies were described and explained, a benchmarking of OffLine Robot Programming (OLRP) software for force-driven processes was presented and the question was considered of whether 2D safety scanners can switch off a cobot sanding cell in the event of unexpected entry without the grinding dust causing unexpected disconnections and without overly sacrificing the flexibility of the cell.

In the second part, Cibo Robotics explained why they are switching to robot sanding. Cibo Robotics is a collaboration between Cibo and CNC‑Solutions. This combines 75 years of expertise that Cobo Robotics has in the field of abrasives with the robot sanding solutions of CNC-Solutions. During their presentation, the 'why', the ‘when to start' and 'which approach to use' of robot sanding with the Cibo Robotics sanding cell were discussed.

To conclude, Cibo Robotics was visited for a demonstration of the S160 cell. The welds on a stainless steel workpiece were first ground away and the sanded surfaces then blended down.

Impact on companies

Interest in the automated sanding and grinding of small series remains very high. An increasing number of companies are not only following the project closely but are also getting to work themselves.

Anyone facing specific challenges with manual finishing and wishing to know more about automation or semi-automation can contact the project team to see which steps are feasible.

Would you like to know more? Follow COBOFIN through its project web page or contact our experts!

COBOFIN is a COOCK project, supported by VLAIO.