Cyber security? Yes, really!

Is your company cyber-safe? Can you outsmart ever smarter hackers? will host a meetup on 15 November to help you find out how to best protect your business and learn about the support you can get from the local experts.

Funded by the ERDF and Innoviris and as a joint initiative of ULB, VUB and Sirris, is entirely devoted to strengthening Research and Innovation in Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) in Brussels. It has already launched R&D ICT projects in several key domains like education, e-Health, mobility, Internet of Things or 5G.

On the programme several speakers. Sirris will give a presentation on the Brussels Initiative on Cybersecurity Innovation: advancing cybersecurity through collaboration between industry and academia. The speeches will be followed by a panel discussion, standing buffet and networking.

Interested in attending the meetup on 15 November? Register here!
Mind: registration is free, but mandatory and the number of attendees is limited.