A database of Covid-19 technologies under licence

The USPTO has launched a platform to facilitate connections between patent holders and potential licensees of key technologies associated with the coronavirus.

In order to accelerate the response to the Covid-19 pandemic, the USPTO American patents office launched on the 4th of May the on-line platform Patents 4 Partnerships, proposing a database of patented coronavirus technologies that can be obtained through licencing.

The USPTO hopes that this programme will facilitate the obtaining of licences and the marketing of new products and technologies for the prevention, treatment and diagnosis of the virus: protective equipment, disinfectants, ventilators, test equipment components, etc. The idea is to enable patent holders looking to concede their intellectual property rights under licence to enter into contact with companies and private individuals likely to convert these rights into solutions for improved health in the general population.

The database works through searches of key words, inventor name, licence holder and publication date. Once specific patents have been selected, links offer access to licence conditions and contracts.