Dean of Vlerick Business School Marion Debruyne on Digital entrepreneurial success

Hyperscale and Microcare are the most important drivers of the digital economy. The focus is on digital services which are scalable while also filling in the job-to-be-done of consumers or business users in a customer-focused way. Marion Debruyne, dean of Vlerick Business School, presents her vision.

For Marion Debruyne, dean of the oldest management school in Europe and market leader in the Benelux, digitization is a mixture of three elements that together create the explosive nature of the cocktail: the storage, calculation and sharing of data. She sees three options for the business impact of digital transformation: replace, enhance (strengthen, expand) and transform.

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About Hyperscale & Microcare
In this interview series Peter Verhasselt and Nick Boucart of Sirris zoom in on the essence of digital business: scalable online services. It is not software or yet another hype of technology that is central to this, but the ability to combine scalability and customer centricity. Order their book 'Hyperscale& Microcare' here.

(Picture: Peter Verhasselt (Sirris) and Marion Debruyne (Vlerick Business School))