Demonstrator presents opportunities for Factory 4.0 - session two

Interreg Factory 4.0Sirris is a partner in the Interreg Factory 4.0 project which is an international initiative aimed at introducing companies operating along national border areas to technologies that fall within the scope of Industry 4.0 and demonstrating the opportunities this provides.  

In order to make the opportunities presented by Factory 4.0 more tangible, Sirris and two French partners, CITC and Cetim, have each built a demonstrator that is available for companies. 

Several technologies are shown that support the operator by carrying out their tasks and can be deployed in numerous sectors and for a wide range of applications. 

During these two open-house sessions within the Interreg project network, CITC will be presenting its demonstrator. CITC stands for ‘Le Centre d'Innovation des Technologies sans Contact’ and is based in Lille. A cobot will be shown in the morning that can be integrated into your business application. Sirris will also be giving a demo of its smart assembly line.

The event is open for both Belgian and French SMEs.

All the information and booking facilities can be found here.

The third and last session will take place in the autumn at Cetim in Senlis in France.