Discover more about production automation of the future

The expertise of the West Flanders knowledge centres regarding Industry 4.0 is being brought together at the Machinebouw & Mechatronica labs to prepare your company for the future. Sirris is also involved in two of these labs based in Kortrijk and opened its doors there to give you inspiration.

The official opening of the three brand new labs took place in Kortrijk on 13 June. Together these labs form a single entity offering answers to all sorts of challenges you may currently be confronted with. They’ve been specially designed to make high-end demonstration and testing facilities available to manufacturing companies. The Smart Assembly & Production and Smart Production Organisation (Sirris / UGent Campus Kortrijk) Application Labs, and the AR/VR (Howest DAE) Technology Lab are based in Kortrijk.

Optimal man/machine collaboration

What can Sirris do for you? At the Smart Assembly & Production Application Lab we investigate all the capabilities of various types of robot. Over the last few years collaborative robots (cobots) have been used increasingly in industrial applications thanks to some of their unique characteristics, although they do have certain limitations, including mainly payload and speed. Therefore we are exploring the possibilities with the implementation and application of an industrial robot with a high payload to act as a smart assistant and third hand in production.

We’re trying to find answers to how we can get people and similar machines to work together when working with heavy components, and also what safety facilities should be used to guarantee safety in the workplace. The application of a mobile robot is also being examined in order to make internal logistics more efficient by releasing personnel to carry out the more value-added tasks.


How does Sirris approach collaboration in the lab? We don’t only use the application lab facilities for carrying out our research activities, because companies can also contact us for the following:

  • Hiring the facilities for meetings, events or studies.
  • Calling on expertise for feasibility studies or proofs-of-concept.
  • Gaining inspiration from demonstrations and lab visits.

Inspiring event

Would you like to get involved and also gain from research carried out in our labs? Come along on 22 October to our event where companies will come together with the five Machinebouw & Mechatronica labs and the selected themes of Machine 4.0, Operator 4.0 and Production 4.0. You can participate in the two round-table discussions where you can brainstorm on the latest, new trends in the industry and also think about possible demonstrators. This way both you and your company can take steps towards the 4th industrial revolution. Would you like more information about the event or the activities carried out in our application labs? Contact us now! 

Both events have been organised within the project 'Machinebouw en Mechatronica centrum West-Vlaanderen'  that was submitted within the framework of the West Flanders GTI and the Flanders EFRO programme.