Doubts about the development of your smart product? Coaching may help to avoid pitfalls!

Adding sensors, intelligence, connectivity and cloud applications to your product: easier said than done if you are less familiar with all those digital technologies. To avoid the pitfalls that lead to extra costs, delays and wrong technology choices, it is best to gain the necessary insights from the start to steer your development in the right direction. Join our group coaching session 'How to build your smart product'!

Is your company thinking of equipping its products with sensors and intelligence, to let them communicate with other products, connect to the cloud and interface with all kinds of applications? Not so obvious if you don’t have the necessary experience with the electronics, the communication technology and software that will be required in and around your new product.

Doubts about building your smart product

When you started the development, you probably wondered what technology was available, whether you should develop your solutions yourself or buy them, and what you should consider when making technology choices, from sensor to cloud application. You also want to know what will change in your current development process as your products become more digital and how you can collaborate with external parties.

If there are too many uncertainties, you can easily get stuck. By doing a lot of (in-house) development, you risk higher costs and longer lead times. Ill-considered technology choices can have long-lasting effects and ultimately cause you to have to start (in part) from scratch. You want to avoid misjudging where the risks and costs lie. Whether you want to undertake the development yourself or together with other parties, you must have sufficient insight into all the new aspects and at the same time be able to maintain an overview of everything.

Avoid pitfalls from the start

Sirris offers a group coaching trajectory to help your company on the road to development. Together with a small group of companies that also want to build a smart product, we provide insights and tips to outline your technological development and avoid pitfalls. In four sessions, we cover the main points of attention in the development of a smart product, from the product idea your company has in mind to industrialisation. We draw on our experience in guiding dozens of companies through the development of smart products and digital services.

You bring your own case and challenges and take them a step further in-between sessions based on the tips. At the same time, you learn from the challenges and experiences of other companies. After the first two sessions on your intended development, we zoom in on the technology layers in your product (sensors, embedded platform, connectivity) and around your product (cloud and applications).

During the course there is also the possibility to go deeper into your specific questions in separate sessions with the trainers.

Interested in participating? Find out more about the programme and register in our agenda.

This initiative is part of the #industriepartnerschap (Industry Partnership) project in which 17 Flemish innovation partners offer an integrated service to stimulate growth and innovation in the Flemish industry in the 3 following themes: Digitalisation, Sustainability & Industry 4.0. They do this under the leadership of Agoria and Sirris and with the support of Agentschap Innoveren & Ondernemen.

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