Software engineering: more than just technology

Everything you need for your software-intensive products

The days when the best or most innovative software solution automatically became the market leader have long since passed. Design, security, marketing and scaling-up also come into the equation and are at least as important. This is why Sirris helps you with the entire spectrum of software engineering - and all the technologies that surround it.

1. Strategic guidance on digitisation

Many companies that want to digitise can’t see the wood for the trees. That is why we developed the Digital Journey Tracker in collaboration with Agoria. We get together with you to analyse where your organisation is located in the landscape and how mature your organisation is in the various domains. We then decide in which areas we want to improve your organisation and draw up a plan of action to achieve that. We then continue to guide you for at least one year. So you are better equipped to make a success of your journey towards digitisation.

2. Data security 

Developments such as the cloud or - more recently - the Internet of Things raise a large number of security questions. How waterproof are your solutions for hackers? Will they remain safe after upgrades? Is everything designed according to the principles of Security by Design? And what about the privacy legislation? 

Sirris helps to make security a cornerstone of your organisation.

3. Tech stack review

Most organisations have many tools. Sometimes they work together, sometimes they don’t. There are overlaps, but also gaps. To optimise the entire stack - and thus innovate faster - you need a complete and objective view of things. 

Sirris' Tech Stack Review gives you crystal-clear and workable insights.

4. CTO as a service

Once you have decided to develop your own software, ask yourself: how do I deal with this? How do I plan my product? How do I communicate with my developers? How do I communicate with my customers?

A good CTO (Chief Technology Officer) has a pivotal role in answering these questions. If your team does not have a CTO in its ranks, we can act as the CTO. Our CTO is available to provide expertise on all these topics.

5. Intensive workshops for digital startups an scaleups

Digital startups and scaleups have their own particular needs. We have developed two extensive programs especially for them - Startathlon and This is a series of 6 to 7 workshops, where you come as a company into contact with topics that are useful to you: digital go-to-market, pricing of digital products, internationalisation, GDPR, etc. These workshops are organised group-wise. That is, you end up in a group with about ten companies that are in the same situation as you. Our aim in this is to encourage cross-fertilisation of ideas between these companies.

Read the story of Yesplan on our blog.

6. Blockchain explorer

Since there are plenty of different blockchain implementations, the question is which one should be selected for your business software? There is no such thing as best blockchain. It all depends on application's requirements and use case. To be able to rightly select a blockchain implementation, it requires the in-depth review of the implementations, carried out by expert (s) in the field.

Sirris' Blockchain explorer can provide you the insights of the blockchain implementations and assist you in the selection.

7. R&D-projecten

All the knowledge provided by the software engineering team has been acquired through involvement in R&D projects. We carry out these R&D projects in collaboration with companies.

We can help you to write a project application for submission to agencies such as VLAIO and Innoviris. You can also join existing projects and be the first to be informed of the latest developments.

We manage the following aspects:

    • We provide an overview of the state-of-the-art and, by working together with you, build a roadmap to guide your research.
    • We work out the best program for submitting your project. We have good connections with the agencies that approve projects. We seek out the relevant experts. We help you to write out your project proposal so that it is well received.
    • We carry out the project together. We have expertise in house, we transfer knowledge, we ensure good cooperation between all participating parties and we manage and coordinate the project.

Some examples: