Find out the possibilities of data innovation and AI for your business!

Is there business potential in your data? Is your data innovation idea feasible? Can AI help you solve a specific business challenge? And which technology is most suitable to tackle your business challenges? Our experts in data innovation and AI will help you to answer all these questions!

No matter which industry you are in, artificial intelligence (AI) is drastically changing it. AI offers a spectrum of new possibilities and opportunities, also to SMEs. Think product and customer profiling, machine performance monitoring, or business process optimisation.

Nonetheless, it is not trivial to gauge how your business may benefit from AI. By leveraging the power of data, you can:

  • innovate your product, process or service with data available in your company
  • future-proof your processes, services, or products and increase your competitive edge.

Getting started with AI

Our 20 data & AI experts can give you all the inspiration, advice and support you need. Even if you are only just about to embark on your data project, we can help you reach your company’s goals with AI — no matter what sector or niche you operate in. You can count on their full support throughout the implementation of your project, up to and including proof-of-concept realisations. Or you can participate in one of the many events we organise every year, live or online.

Need an AI introduction?

Are you a newbie in AI in need of an introduction? Register for our introductory webinar ‘Understanding what artificial intelligence (AI) is about’ on September 14, in which we explore the potential of AI and walk through the different steps of an AI project, focusing on what needs to be taken into account in order to ensure that the project is successful.

Ready for an AI deep dive? 

Interested in applying data science and AI to solve a specific business challenge, but not sure where to start? Enrol in our Mastercourse ‘Data Innovation beyond the hype’! The Mastercourse provides pragmatic and industry-oriented modules on data-driven innovation and AI, to help your business to do more with data. Through in-depth webinars, training and workshops, the course addresses the need for companies to innovate their products, services or technology based on the use of data. As a participant, you will learn more about the different steps of the data analysis process, and gain tailor-made insights on how data science can help you reach your goals.

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