Fleet-based analytics for data-driven operation and maintenance optimisation

The new mastercourse ‘The opportunities and challenges of fleet-based analytics’, on 27 January 2020, will provide practical techniques for analysing fleets of machines.

Many companies operate a fleet of (nearly identical) machines, e.g. wind turbines, compressors, professional vehicles, ..., and are able to continuously monitor the operation of these machines thanks to ever-ongoing evolutions in sensor, communication and data storage technologies. The ability to compare an asset against its peers makes it possible to better distinguish the physical performance and characteristics of the asset from the influence of its operational environment, allowing for identification of underperformance, misconfigurations, and impending failures. Companies which are able to fully leverage the capabilities of fleet analytics can achieve better actionable insights and significant operational efficiency improvements.

The mastercourse offering, organised by the EluciDATA Lab, will explore key topics in fleet-based analytics, using real-world industrial examples. Topics include remaining useful life and predictive maintenance, dealing with and imputing missing data, benchmarking assets against one another, identifying abnormal and degraded performance, and modelling new assets, using historic fleet data. 

More information on the mastercourse offering and the registration form are available here.