Apprenez de l'expérience des autres et réduisez votre délai d’exécution!

Que pourrait faire votre entreprise pour réduire de 80 % le délai entre le traitement d’une commande et la fabrication ? Sirris vous apporte la chance de participer à un réseau d’échange d’expérience réunissant des entreprises partageant une même ambition. (langue véhiculaire = néerlandais)

Would your company benefit from shorter lead times? You naturally assume that your customers are used to your standard delivery time and don’t complain about it. But think how different it could be if lead times for orders could be cut by up to 80 percent. There would not only be fewer rush orders, fewer extra shipments, lower inventories and less warehouse space needed, but planning would be less complex (ERP, schedulers ...) and there would be no daily planning meetings and better customer service ... All leading in the end to lower overheads, higher productivity and higher sales.  

Sirris is looking for companies that want to share their experience in reducing the lead time of operational processes (both in office work and on the workfloor). You might find that many of the current techniques are already used but that the solutions aren’t available for specific practical cases. Sirris’s learning network offers the right way to tell these things apart. 

Do you recognize yourself in the following situations?

  • The order processing and planning takes so long that the production orders get to the workplace too late for the delivery date to be met.
  • The production managers or team leaders in the workplace have the impossible task of prioritising these production orders as they don’t have the right tools and methods for this.
  • High work-in-process stock in the workplace leads to frequent searching.
  • We try to keep the machines going as much as possible but we’re often still too late, and frequent rush orders only make this worse.
  • Usually the employees seem to be constantly at work, even at a low customer demand, but we know that much more can be re-assigned if necessary.
  • We often find that when we want to start an order in the workplace that the equipment we need isn’t there.  

If so, then these sessions are definitely meant for you and your company!  

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These sessions are organised with the support of Agentschap Ondernemen