Innovating with composites, how do you get started?

Composite materials, you must have heard of them. These innovative materials have been used for a long time in a wide variety of applications. Think, for example, of applications in aircraft and shipbuilding, bridges, windmills... and maybe even in the bicycle you ride regularly. But what exactly are these composite materials? What added value can composites bring to your products and how can you incorporate them into your product?

In order to provide an answer to these questions and many more, Agoria Composites and Sirris are organising a learning network on this subject within the framework of the VLAIO 'Industriepartnerschap' project. 

What can you expect 

A learning network consists of 4 workshops, spread over a period of one year. Throughout that year, online interaction will also be encouraged and facilitated.

  • Gaining inspiration and knowledge: Gaining inspiration and knowledge: each session starts with an inspiring explanation by both internal and external experts, after which we will work on this 'hands-on' and provide room for discussion in order to gain as much knowledge as possible.
  • Networking in a confidential atmosphere: Naturally, this formula also offers the opportunity to expand your own network with other like-minded organisations in complete confidentiality.
  • Specifically, increasing your knowledge of these materials in order to implement them in your application: The focus is on pragmatic, directly applicable tips, recommendations and experiences. No boring theoretical lessons at a school desk, but a hands-on approach with practical and instructive cases from the field.

Interested? You can find more information about the programme and practical details in our agenda.
You can always contact us or you can register here directly for the Composites Learning Network.

The Composites Learning Network is being organised within the VLAIO 'Industriepartnerschap' project.