Jan Van Steirteghem of BESIX on the importance of digitisation for the construction sector

The digital economy is driven by hyperscale and microcare. It is absolutely essential that we offer scalable online services which take over tasks from consumers and/or business users, while also being user-friendly. We talked about this with Jan Van Steirteghem of BESIX. 

Jan Van Steirteghem is General Manager BU Europe at BESIX, a global player in the construction sector and active in 25 countries. He explains why Belgium's largest construction group from a traditional sector embraces digitisation.

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About Hyperscale & Microcare
In this interview series Peter Verhasselt and Nick Boucart of Sirris zoom in on the essence of digital business: scalable online services. It is not software or yet another hype of technology that is central to this, but the ability to combine scalability and customer centricity. Order their book 'Hyperscale& Microcare' here.

(Picture: Peter Verhasselt (Sirris) and Jan Van Steirteghem (BESIX))