Launch Brussels Initiative on Cybersecurity Innovation

Thanks to the awareness of the collaborative innovation potential across different cybersecurity domains, gained through the SeCloud project, Sirris will set up, together with partners from the strategic platform SecurIT, Brussels Initiative on Cybersecurity Innovation (BICI). This operational initiative will promote and advance collaborative innovation in cybersecurity.


The comprehensive strategic platform SecurIT, initiated by Innoviris and running since 2015, launched five projects on cybersecurity: BruFence, C-CURE, SCAUT, SeCloud and SPICES. These projects focused on automatic fraud detection, flexible authentication, side-channel resilience of authenticated encryption, security issues in cloud computing and complex event processing for security monitoring, respectively.
Joining the forces of 15 research groups from three universities (UCL, ULB and VUB), one university college (EhB) and a collective research centre (Sirris), as well as fostering interactions between industry and academia, the platform set the scene and created a unique momentum for cybersecurity innovation in the Brussels region.


During the past 3 years, Sirris has coordinated the largest among the projects: SeCloud. Bringing together 11 research teams in advancement of the state of the art in selected cybersecurity topics, the goal of SeCloud is to accelerate adoption of the cloud technologies and address the relevant issues in cybersecurity: from development of novel cryptographic schemes, security models and automated security analysis of programming languages, to examining current and upcoming privacy law, understanding and documenting best practices and patterns in the software-as-a-service delivery model and associated API technologies, as well as taking an in-depth look into the risk framework accompanying cloud technologies. During the course of the project, liaising both with the industry and academia, Sirris has become deeply aware of the collaborative innovation potential across different cybersecurity domains.

New operational initiative

Armed with this understanding and following the positive drive from Innoviris, Sirris takes the lead, together with the SecurIT partners, in setting up an operational initiative with a goal to promote and advance collaborative innovation in cybersecurity. Based in the region of Brussels, open for partnerships on the national and European level, the initiative will engage in activities advancing the state of the art in cybersecurity technology and its transfer to the industry, being aware of the industrial capabilities and needs.

To this end, together with the partners, EhB, UCL, ULB and VUB, and with the support of Agoria, Centre for Cyber Security Belgium and Cyber Security Coalition, Sirris organises an event to celebrate the successful completion of the projects in the SecurIT platform and mark the creation of the new "Brussels Initiative on Cybersecurity Innovation" (BICI). The event will gather the industrial community and put it in close contact with the academic partners to discuss cybersecurity challenges and brainstorm potential joint projects in advancing cybersecurity technology.

You will find more on this event in our agenda soon.