Much specific interest at Eurofinish 2019

Sirris participated at the Eurofinish fair where it presented its expertise and services. On display were surface treatments, materials and various tests that can be carried out in these areas.

This latest Eurofinish fair, which was held on 15 and 16 May in Leuven, was organised in conjunction with the Materials trade fair, which meant that the disciplines of materials science and surface treatment complemented each other thereby offering a comprehensive view of the entire chain, from raw materials through to the finished products. Over the two days it was possible to find out more about all the latest trends and innovations regarding materials, material analysis and surface and bonding techniques.

Fibre reinforced polymer coating

Sirris had a stand at the fair where it presented its expertise and details of the services it offers regarding surface treatment and testing. Coating expert Walter Lauwerens gave a presentation titled 'Coatings Technology for Fibre Reinforced Polymer Materials', which went into greater depth about the growing importance of coatings and surface treatment for fibre reinforced polymer products thanks to the increasing number of applications. In addition to the frequently used gel coatings, basic coatings are also available, for example in order to make a surface fire-proof, or extra hard for mechanical applications, or ice-free and impact resistant, these last two being important features for the wind sector. The presentation gave an overview of the various coatings and treatments for processing and finishing fibre reinforced materials.

Doctor in the room

The presence of the coatings and materials ‘doctor’ at the fair was something new. Visitors to the fair could ask the coatings and materials experts questions and were that way helped on their way towards finding solutions. Walter Lauwerens and Stefan Milis from Sirris were involved in this latest initiative and were able to conform its success: a lot of companies came forward with specific problems and thanks to the advice given by the ‘doctors’ had either found a solution, or were referred to other stands at the fair where they could find a solution.