Need help with your smart product strategy?

Are you exploring which smart product idea your company will focus on? Or maybe you have an idea but you are unsure about the value it offers to your customer? Our masterclass ‘Draw up your strategy for smart products' helps you out with an approach to obtain valuable ideas that match your company and target market.

In this masterclass we explain an approach that helps manufacturing companies to identify and evaluate a valuable idea for their smart product. Sirris elaborated an approach that builds on proven methods for (digital) products while taking into account the specific impact of smart products. It is based on:

  • Smart product scenarios, synthesised from existing product examples, that provide relevant directions that suit your company.
  • A step-by-step evaluation of the 'market fit' of the smart product idea that focuses on the value that is created, how that value is delivered and how this will generate profits for your company. 

What can you expect?

The masterclass consists of two half day online sessions, in which experts of Sirris guide you through the approach and give you tips and tricks for your own implementation.

  • Session 1: identify the smart product idea that is relevant to your company and for which you wish to evaluate the 'market fit'.
  • Session 2: set out the blueprint of your business model and evaluate the 'market fit' step by step so you can be sure of the value of your smart product idea.

Afterwards you can schedule a 1-on-1-session with the speakers for advice on your own implementation of this approach within your company. 

For whom?

This masterclass is tailored to manufacturing companies exploring which smart product they wish to bring to the market. More specifically, it targets companies that didn’t really start yet or that are experiencing challenges while exploring, Those who lead the way in new product development, like product managers and business leaders, are the target audience as they will be driving further implementation within their company.

Are you interested to participate? The online masterclass will be held in two sessions on 25th of February and 1st of March, 13:00 to 17:00. The sessions will be held in Dutch.
More info and registrations here

Check in early: the number of participants is restricted to 15 in order to keep the sessions interactive and to allow companies to learn from one another. 

This masterclass is organised within 'Industriepartnerschap'.  


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