New approach for maintenance of EN 13445 and EN 13480

The EN 13445 (“Unfired pressure vessels”) and EN 13480 (“Metallic industrial piping”) are key European Standards in the field of pressure equipment which provide presumption of conformity to the EU directive on pressure equipment (2014/68/EU). Due to their complexity with their large number of formulae, figures and tables, they have been maintained according to an ad-hoc methodology since the publication of the first editions in 2002.

According to the CEN Technical Board (CEN/BT), the possibility to draft an unlimited number of amendments on each of the series parts has been overused and this is confusing for the users. CEN/BT is therefore proposing a revision of the maintenance methodology.

Practically, the working groups CEN/TC 54 and CEN/TC 267 would no longer be allowed to develop an unlimited number of amendments. The new system would respect the following principles:

  • The series will be revised every 5 years;
  • During the first four years following the publication of a new edition, a maximum of one amendment per part and per year may be published;
  • This system will take affect starting in January 2022 for the EN 13445 series and upon publication of the 2022 edition for the EN13480 series

More details can be found in the following document.

This draft decision still needs to be approved by the EU countries. Sirris-Agoria has been recognised as a “sectoral operator” by NBN (the Belgian Bureau for Standardisation) for pressure equipment standardization and we welcome any reflections on this matter, before 13 September 2021.