Next Generation Internet, towards a more human-centric Internet

Next Generation Internet (NGI), a key priority in the H2020 ICT work programme 2018-2020, will ensure a more human-centric Internet, supporting European values of openness, cooperation across borders, decentralisation, inclusiveness, transparency and protection of privacy.

The NGI initiative is a broad and long-term initiative, mostly focusing on new technology areas such as a better protection for personal data, new internet architectures, decentralised data systems and new discovery and identification tools.

Sirris, NGI Contact Point for Flanders and Brussels

VLAIO and Innoviris have nominated Sirris as the National Contact Point for Flanders and Brussels. The NGI Contact Point acts as a link to the future key actors (i.e. high-tech start-ups and SMEs, young researchers and civil society) and raises awareness about the NGI initiative (and H2020 funding possibilities in the work programme 2018-2020), promotes it and builds and broadens an NGI ecosystem in their member states and associated countries. Equally, the NGI Contact Point feeds back input from those groups with a view to shaping the evolution of the NGI initiative.

Workshop with Brussels and Flemish stakeholders

In order to feed the European Commission’s work and collect input, NGI workshops are organised at national/regional levels. Innoviris, VLAIO and Sirris joined their forces to organise a joint workshop in Brussels on 21 February. The workshop featured an NGI presentation by the European Commission, presentations from national actors (VUB and  Cloudoki & Collibra) and a World Café session, moderated by Sirris and Agoria, where about 30 key stakeholders shared their visions on and ambitions for NGI. The topics discussed more frequently in our World Café can be grouped under four categories:

  • Data: data ownership, data governance, data security, data availability (enforcing open data)
  • Societal needs: education/training, transparency, user-oriented regulation, accessibility to the Internet, Net neutrality preservation, diversity
  • Privacy and trust: right to be forgotten, data lost, data sharing, fake news, algorithm transparency, blockchain to ensure trust
  • SMEs & Start-ups: industry/academy cooperation, procedure simplification (API-based submission instead of paper-based submission), reduction of bureaucracy burdens, regulation, enforcing VP

If you are interested in taking part of this initiative, let us know!