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Eureka 2 Minatuse 2008

Eureka 2 Minatuse 2008


Duration: 01/01/2009 until 31/12/2010


Minatuse (Micro- and nanotechnology use by SMEs) is a European project that has been granted the Eureka label. It is funded through national or regional authorities. The Belgian partners are funded through the Programmatorical Belgian Government Service for Science Policy. The aim of the project is: • to create a European network of assistance for SMEs with needs in the area of micro- and nanotechnology • to enhance the assimilation of MNT by European SMEs • to increase the participation of European SMEs in Eureka and FP6/FP7 projects The research domains involved in the project are situated in the broad area of micro- and nanotechnologies: microelectronics, microsystems, imaging, data transmission, telecommunication, nanomaterials, energy, photonics, healthcare and environmental technology. The partners in the project are IMEC, VITO, CeRDT and CRIF, and 14 other European Technology Transfer Organizations and R&D centers. The project officially started on 01/01/2005 and is running until 31/12/2010. For the organization and funding of the Belgian activities a first phase was defined, running until 31/12/2006.  This Second Phase will run from 01/01/2007 until 31/12/2008.


This is a project, funded by EUREKA in the framework of Eureka 2 program.


74 K EUR budget with 100 %  funding from EUREKA, Corresponding to   K EUR investment and 6.0  Man*month for sirris over a period of 24  Months, thus 0.3 FTE on average at Sirris and a budget of 0  K EUR that is not eligible for funding but that must be spent by Sirris to be able to execute the project correctly. Average personnel funding  EUR/day (investment non included)




IMEC, VITO, Innovatech


Sirris contact = Umberto Baraldi