Nodular cast iron nuance offers a solution for low shock resistance of silicon reinforced cast iron

Because of the reinforcing mechanism of silicon alloyed cast iron along with the combination of additive pearlite-stabilising elements, a type of cast iron has been created that no longer has the most significant negative properties of Si alloyed cast iron: i.e., breakages caused by the brittleness on exposure to shock loading.

The new silicon reinforced nodular cast iron that was included in a new European standard in 2011 has made substantial advances over the last few years. Specifically the EN-GJS-500-14 nuance has emerged as an ideal material for many structural engineers for replacing the traditional nodular cast iron classification EN-GJS-500-7. This is because of the combination of improved mechanical properties (higher yield strength and higher breaking point) and much better workability thanks to the uniform ferrite matrix structure. The yield strength has risen from 320 to 400 MPa and this extension even doubles from 7 to 13 per cent when deploying the latest nuance.

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