Participate in our new living lab on blockchain for industry 4.0!

The Flemish government is again releasing € 3.5 million for ‘industry 4.0 living labs’. Blockchain is proving to be a promising technology for providing validated, reliable and secure data. For the living lab ‘Security, Privacy and Trust by design with blockchain for industry 4.0’ we will look at a new business model within industry 4.0, in which there is both a high degree of interconnection and an inherent need for the exchange of valuable data. Are you with us?

Sirris, together with Howest, is taking the lead in two proposals for living labs about innovation thanks to digital technology. One of these proposals for a living lab to meet the challenges of Industry 4.0 is 'Security, Privacy and Trust by design with blockchain for industry 4.0'.

Data analytics is an important theme within the vision of industry 4.0. By connecting different entities, the available data will continue to increase. This data can take many forms and includes proprietary software, process models, designs as well as collected data from the various production lines, wearables, IoT devices, drones, etc.  There is an undeniable need for ways to validate and protect the reliability of this data within these highly connected ecosystems.

The underlying technology of blockchain, which originated as a digital ledger for financial transactions, has undergone considerable development over the past ten years and has demonstrated great potential in various areas, both in the field of efficiency gains and in the field of making validated, reliable data available. The essence of blockchain technology is to offer a way for parties to exchange digital ‘value’ with each other, without the need for blind trust between both parties and without the need for the system of intermediaries. 

Inspiring and taking the load off companies 

Since Sirris already has a lot of knowledge and experience in digital technologies, including blockchain, it wants to set up a living lab together with Howest on this theme. The aim of this living lab is to develop a proof-of-concept demonstrator around blockchain for manufacturing. The demonstrator will show how smaller companies that outsource their production can protect their IP by using blockchain when sending their designs to the manufacturers.

This demonstrator will be used to bring the blockchain technology to Flemish companies in a very practical and tangible way by means of general information sessions, technical workshops and one-on-one cooperation with companies to evaluate their specific use-case and to elaborate it as proof of concept implementation on the demonstrator infrastructure.

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The first theme for which Sirris and Howest are submitting a proposal for a living lab is ‘NIS directives and Artificial Intelligence make Industry 4.0 safe’. Read all about it here.