Production digitisation from the office to the shop floor, how to get started?

Everyone is talking about digitisation these days, but what does it actually imply for your production? We immerse ourselves in the subject and help you make a tangible difference to your business and your customer with digitisation.

Don’t start digitising randomly. We may think that a manufacturing execution system (MES) or an IIoT backbone has become an absolute requirement to digitally connect the office (the ERP) with the work floor. Yet not every SME needs extra MES functionality to link the office and the shop floor. This is on condition that the existing ERP modules and possibilities are fully utilised. Because ERP makers also want to claim a part of the MES market, many traditionally have a shop floor module at their disposal. Its typical functions form the basis for a digital vertical integration of office and shop floor: through this 'paperless' and more real-time connection we provide a transparent shop floor and shorter turnaround times. The details can be found in this blog post.

Most SMEs today use digital business applications such as ERP, CRM, MES and Microsoft Office applications, but that does not mean they can all communicate smoothly with each other. Only through integration, the full potential can be used. We recently published a short introduction to this subject in which we showed you, using examples, how necessary integration between business applications is in order to achieve the desired efficiency and explained the most obvious integration methods.

Want to get started? On 22 October we start with the masterclass 'Production digitisation: make your own roadmap'. This practical, interactive masterclass provides you with an overview of the building blocks of a digitisation strategy and enables you to make the right choices and find the appropriate partners for your digitisation project.

(Source picture: INFORM Software and PROPOS Software)