Sirris is actively contributing to the Mecatech Cluster in Wallonia

Sirris is a stakeholder in the Mecatech Cluster in Wallonia. This cluster groups industrial actors and academics involved in common mechanical engineering projects.

The Mecatech Cluster, the Walloon competitive cluster for mechanical engineering, has published a review following 10 years existence. Its mission is to accompany companies in their transformation to create tomorrow's jobs and activity. It is working along four strategic lines: Materials and surfaces of the future, Global forming technologies, Microtechnologies and mechatronics, Intelligent maintenance.

Sirris, which has the same goals, is working closely with the Cluster. So the Centre has been or is a partner in some 25% (21 out of 88) of the R&D projects labelled by the Cluster and accepted by the public authorities.

These projects are addressing different markets: energy and the environment, defence and security, habitat and construction, health and well-being, industry.
Out of the four technology platforms managed by Mecatech, Sirris is active in one of them, PEPIT (polymers ecocircularity platform for an industrial transition) in the plastics recycling field.

Sirris is also present in a training project which concerns additive manufacturing and which unites three skills centres.

Finally, Sirris is strongly involved in the Interreg Industry 4.0 support programme with Mecatech.