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Movilitas creates 200 sales opportunities per day via growth hacking

In Perk, located in the 'green belt' around Brussels, 200 experienced SAP consultants work at the Belgian division of Movilitas. These experts in logistics management, manufacturing and traceability support companies in such industries as pharmaceuticals, food and aviation. Their mission? Help companies to monitor their supply chains optimally, efficiently and transparently, for example to limit knock-offs. In an effort to support its ongoing growth, the company consulted Sirris.

Last year Movilitas entered into a partnership with Sirris and technology federation Agoria. The aim was ambitious indeed: promote ongoing growth through growth hacking. This recent, alternative marketing technique enables companies to grow with almost no budget. Conventional marketing concepts give way to creativity, analytical thinking and metrics. Traditional techniques are supplemented with specially designed data models, extensive A/B market research testing and social media platforms.

Immense reach for little money

“Together with Sirris we developed a new growth hacking concept and software platform”, says Dieter Laevers, Managing Partner at Movilitas. “We also use our employees' social media network for our own marketing communication. They have around 900 contacts in their network on average, and that soon expands into a reach of 90,000 people.”

“During the initial project Movilitas racked up 200 business opportunities in just one day”, says Omar Mohout, Software Engineering & ICT Advisor at Sirris. “Via traditional channels the company would have needed 50 to 100 campaigns to achieve that, at a cost rapidly approaching €1 million”. In short, in addition to a marketable growth-hacking platform Movilitas was also able to create a lot of online visibility with a minimum of resources.