Two Sirris members receive an award

Pedeo Hogedrukgieterij is granted Belgium’s major design award for the design of a roller assembly for Reynaers Aluminium.

For projects requiring a great deal of innovation, Reynaers Aluminium’s R&D department can rely on partners dedicated to the design process. This specialist in aluminium construction profiles from Duffel looked for partners to develop parts for the Hi-Finity, a new type of sliding window. Seeking the help of Pedeo Hogedrukgieterij in Oudenaarde, supplier of high-pressure moulding products in zinc and aluminium alloys, turned out to be a direct hit. Pedeo advised Reynaers both about functional and price-technical optimisations.

Due to the large glass surfaces in the Hi-Finity sliding window, the roller assembly - a multifunctional cast part with integrated wheels - must be capable of supporting a weight that is twice as heavy as in traditional sliding windows. By covering steel roller axes with Zamak, Pedeo succeeded in developing a roller assembly, in which the properties of several materials are combined. This production technique ensured that extra functionality could be integrated, like: keeping the rail dust-free, correct positioning underneath the glass, aesthetic finish of the visible side of the sliding part, and the possibility to assemble and disassemble without removing the sliding door. Thanks to the use of a changeable part in the mould, Pedeo can produce both roller assemblies for double and triple glazing, which has a favourable impact on the piece price.

The result was rewarded with a Henry Van de Velde Label, the largest design price in Belgium.

More about the cooperation can be read here.

(Source picture : Pedeo)