A vademecum of additive manufacturing for more astute choices

Do you lack time to explore all the available routes in the field of additive manufacturing? Sirris’ experts have created a practical tool to help you make the right choice of processes, machines, materials, suppliers, etc.

Additive manufacturing (aka 3D printing) has become accessible to a large number of businesses, including SMEs. However, paradoxically, taking the plunge in order to benefit from the many advantages of these techniques is becoming increasingly difficult before such a vast choice of machines, printing technologies, surface treatment options, materials, software, service suppliers, etc.

To help businesses to limit the time spent on finding their bearings amidst this jungle, and to make the right choices based on their products and their applications, Sirris has grouped together, in one single tool, quantities of data that combine to offer a reference document covering all the phases of additive manufacturing.

The vademecum comprises a range of information such as:

  • The advantages and key limits of additive technologies
  • The properties of a vast range of printable polymers, ceramics and metals
  • The standard properties of the same metals when implemented via conventional techniques
  • An inventory of the various standards, already available or pending publication, based on different sectors
  • A list of suppliers involved in additive manufacturing with proposed processes and materials
  • A list of equipment/material available at Sirris and ultimately within the IAWATHA (*) consortium
  • Etc.

Although not comprehensive, this tool is destined to be updated, both in its form and its content, and it already offers huge quantities of useful information for businesses.
Feel free to contact us if you would like to consult it! And we would be delighted to use your feedback to further enhance it.

(*) The database was created within the context of the ERDF project IAWATHA, subsidised by the European Union and Wallonia.

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