Wallonian expertise and know-how at the Hanover Fair

Sirris is attending the Hannover Messe early April. Wallonium, a demonstrator that offers a condensed presentation of several Wallonian partners' know-how, will be exhibited.

Discover ‘Wallonium’ on the AWEX stand. This technological artwork, including 14 spheres, evocative of a silicon crystal, highlights Wallonia's expertise and know-how in a range of Industry 4.0 related fields. Under the impetus of WBI's Research & Innovation department, it invites you to improve your understanding and to experiment several technologies available in Wallonia, such as innovative material engineering, simulation techniques, ICT, additive manufacturing, embedded systems, signal processing, sensors, etc.

Coordinated by Sirris, Wallonium is the result of a collaborative partnership between certified research centres: Sirris, CRM Group, CETIC, Multitel, Materia Nova and Cenaero and the young start-up VOCSens. Each centre designed one or two if its 14 spheres. Sirris was specifically involved in the creation of the 'Additive manufacturing' sphere and the 'Microfluidics' sphere.

The 'Additive manufacturing' sphere

Comprised of two parts, this sphere presents the possibilities offered by additive manufacturing. One of its half-spheres is a lightweight titanium structure produced by Electron Beam Melting (EBM) and finished via a shot blasting and polishing process. Topological optimisation of its design enabled the structure's weight to be reduced to a minimum. The other half-sphere is transparent, polished and varnished. It was created from two polymers using a multi-material Materials Jetting printer. It integrates a range of functionalities such as light effects, made possible thanks to optical fibres.

The 'Microfluidics' sphere

This sphere enables the observer to view the flow of a coloured liquid through 150 mm-long (per chip) ducts of a diameter of 100 µm. Its components were produced by injecting a transparent polymer (PMMA) into a mould designed and manufactured by Sirris, and thermally bonded.

This realisation was made possible thanks to Sirris expertise in the development of customised microfluidic components. The skills offered by Sirris' Product Development Hub cover this entire field, from design to realisation of pre-series, thanks to micro-machining, micro-injection and micro-assembly techniques.
Microfluidic chips are used, in particular, in biomedical diagnosis (lab-on-a-chip).

Would you like to learn more about this technological prowess? Hannover Messe will be held in Hanover from 1st to 5th April. Come and interact with Wallonium. You can even modify it from a distance thanks to an augmented reality app, or via Twitter (@wallonium).

Further information at www.wallonium.be.