What functionalities do you want to add to your product?

Today, the combination of coating and texturing is a viable option for our manufacturing industry, but the number of possibilities is immense. That is why we want to know which functionalities you would like to add to the surface of your product, machine or process. Let us know! Fill in our survey and receive the anonymous results afterwards!

On an international level many of the major players in industry, as well as the academic world, focus on surface functionality, in order to produce products with greater added value. This is boosted by the recent price evolution in laser technology, which makes the combination of coating and texturing only now possible at a reasonable price. A wide range of applications for various sectors is expected, including frictionless axles in mechanical engineering, low-noise components for electric vehicles, antibacterial and water-repellent surfaces in food, optical effects in lighting, aerodynamic components in aerospace, ...

Market research as a preparation for collective initiative

The Belgian manufacturing industry should make sure to jump on this technological bandwagon, the technical and economic feasibility of such applications has already been demonstrated in a few pilot projects and therefore the international competition is quick to pick it up too. Sirris wants to support the manufacturing industry, help them to take advantage of the technology, and that is why we are launching a new collective initiative with individual cases.

However, the number of possible sectors, applications and functionalities is so huge that we need for focus and for that is why we would like to call on your input. What functionalities would you like to add to your product, machine or even production process? (Think of tools, for example) Or better, what functionality would mean a breakthrough for you in terms of cost, profit, turnaround time, lifespan? Let us know! This way we will be able to defend your interests and make sure that you can also benefit from the new initiatives.

The anonymised results will be sent to you afterwards. Furthermore, you may be contacted proactively on the basis of the survey if there are interesting opportunities for you in the context of funding or innovation projects.

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If you are looking for some inspiration, we can already offer you our e-book with a number of pilot and test projects. Want to know more? Download the e-book here.