What interviews with digital pioneers teach us

"Hyperscale and Microcare are the key drivers of the digital economy." Each of our interviews with people from extremely different digital backgrounds started with this sentence. These took place as part of our cooperation with Bloovi on digital transformation in a Belgian context. We extracted the key takeaways from those fascinating discussions.

A common thread throughout the nine interviews we conducted over the past year is that technology is usually not the hardest nut to crack in a digital transformation initiative. Recruiting technical profiles is no laughing matter, but there is a lot of talent and experience available in the rich Belgian ecosystem.

We have packaged our insights into five rules that emerged in the interviews as critical to digital transformation success. You can read about the rules for enabling the Hyperscale and Microcare success of your initiative on Bloovi (part 1) (in Dutch).

About Hyperscale & Microcare
In this interview series Peter Verhasselt and Nick Boucart of Sirris zoom in on the essence of digital business: scalable online services. It is not software or yet another hype of technology that is central to this, but the ability to combine scalability and customer centricity. Order their book 'Hyperscale& Microcare' here.

 (Photo: copy from the Hyperscale and Microcare book of Judith Ketelslegers, managing partner of Foresightee)